15 APR 2021

Luxury and respect for the environment | Press release

A new business strategy for market repositioning.

Participation in Blossom Première Vision and the choice of sustainable production.

A new corporate strategy to reposition itself in the luxury prêt à porter market. This is what Seterie Argenti, a historic company in the Italian textile scene based in Tavernerio (Como), has initiated.

Creating new relationships with domestic and foreign brands is the stated goal: at the helm of Seterie Argenti Spa, Michele and Cristina Viganò have been working for months precisely in this direction.

Seterie Argenti's core business has historically been developed in the mid-market and large-scale retail segment, with Europe, the United States and Asia as its target markets. To go further, luxury and sustainability will be the two targets to invest in. Right from the start. Two, in this sense, are the cornerstones for meeting the challenge. On the one hand, the company will participate in Blossom Première Vision, an international leader in the presentation of textile products and fashion services, which organizes this exclusive event dedicated to the launch of pre-collections for luxury brands; on the other hand, it will continue in its choice of eco-sustainable production, guaranteed by the highest international certifications, in order to look optimistically at new market trends.

Participation in Blossom Premiere Vision

With two new projects to boost business in the highest segment of the market dominated by the big fashion brands, two new collections are planned for 2020: Argenti Premium and Argenti Green, which will be offered as a world premiere at Blossom Première Vision on December 11th and 12th in Paris. As part of this appointment, Seterie Argenti Spa will be alongside the most prestigious international textile manufacturers who, selected by the French Exhibition, will show their pre-collections to the most well-known labels.

This is what Sales Director Michele Viganò says: "The newborn collections Argenti Premium and Argenti Green offer a very creative, refined and environmentally friendly product. By following these levers we intend to strengthen our presence in luxury, trusting in the recognized mastery well represented by the history of our company and in the common desire to always stay in step with the times in order to seize all opportunities." The opportunity, therefore, is one not to be missed. "At Blossom," Viganò continues, "the quality product is at home. For this reason, we had already set our minds on entering it some time ago, and the moment Première Vision chose us, we devoted ourselves body and soul to the search for new products that would live up to the audience we will meet in Paris and their expectations."