Education, culture and creativity related to sustainability are the elements on which to base the new generations.

Seterie Argenti has always invested in projects with students from the best international schools and universities.

IED, Accademia Galli, Naba, Marangoni, Polimi Moda, Istituto Paolo Carcano, Centro Studi Casnati, Istituto da Vinci Ripamonti....

Michele and Cristina Viganò were among the creators of the comON Project creating an international creative Hub in Como.

For almost ten years they have been promoting in Como the Street Art and Urban Art exhibition Streetscape curated by Chiara Canali and Ivan Quaroni.

The comON project was born in 2008 from the passion of a group of Como entrepreneurs who, with the support of Confindustria Como, gave birth to a real "hub of European creativity" able to call together in Como the best talents from the most prestigious schools of design and stimulate the contamination of ideas with young local students, the productive realities of the territory and, more generally, with the typically Italian culture and passion for the world of "arts."

A unique and exclusive project created to contribute to the spread of "creative ideas", not only by bringing the best talents closer to companies in Como's industrial district, but also by promoting interaction between different business realities, universities, training schools, young students, professionals, testimonials and authorities in a permanent training and contamination laboratory.

comON has been aiming for ten years to involve young creative talents in an interweaving of creativity, experience and sensitivity, in synergy with the local industry’s excellences in Como and beyond. An interdisciplinary platform for a year-long project in which take turns events, shows, exhibitions and contests of international significance alternate.


The projects designed, desired and coordinated by Accademia "Aldo Galli" - Ied Network, in the Career Card scheme (synergistic meetings between school and business), have been as professional and attractive as ever, so much so that they are always functional and desirable, sources of ideas and further developments.

"Zoot" is the real and fantastic Animalier, where such an all-time theme is declined and translated in a thousand meanings, without losing sight of the primordial creative dreamlike suggestion of colors, materials and lines.

"Floralia" lives in the many shades of flowers and the many veins of plants, ignites in the corollas and gently panders to the seasonal rhythms, giving, in the rebirth of leaves and the density of grass, a vital positive meaning. Learn more

"Lateral Thinking" is the rational perspective, the geometric absoluteness that absolute is not, the arriving at the result from different paths in converging inputs and opinions; from colors it takes contrast and meaning, and in the shapes composition it suggests the possible puzzle of ideas.